Bilbao, Spain 2018
in collaboration with Santi SOS

In 2003 a group of young people occupied an old house in the neighborhood of Ribera de Deusto in Bilbao. During the years an ongoing demolition plan interested some of the buildings of the neighborhood and among them the occupied house was one of the first. Before the complition of the demolition the young people climbed on the roof and left a tag behind on the wall of the house: We will build dreams. The script was related to the house dwellers lifes' and to the future of the neighborhood too, and lasted on the wall for slightly a decade, and was used as a symbol by neighborhood associations in the frame of numerous debates about the future of their houses. Almost 15 years passed and a lot of empty spaces are present in this part of the city. Meeting Santi SoS was the occasion of a renewing of the writing on an empty disrupted wall of the many houses in demolition. Santi SoS in fact, was among the young people who realized the script almost 15 years ago and now he is one of the many theater artists of the town: “When we used to live in that house we could spend a lot of time doing the things we loved to do, dedicating ourselves to our projects; we were not there for the fact of no paying any rent or because we wanted not to work, we were there for working and fighting every day for our happiness.”